All Workers Deserve Paid Sick Days

The Michigan Legislature is once again launching an assault on working families. Lawmakers want to make it illegal for local cities, townships and other entities to pass laws that make sure all workers have access to paid sick days at work.

Every day, thousands of Michiganders go to work while sick or while leaving a sick child at home. But unless an employer offers paid sick days, workers often have to make the difficult decision of earning money that day, or taking care of themselves or a child.

Communities deserve the right to pass laws that benefit the overall health of their communities and the people who live and work there. But the extreme Michigan Legislature doesn’t think so. Lawmakers once again have taken orders from their rich CEO friends, and want to hurt workers across the state.

We need you to act now to tell vital lawmakers to oppose HB 4249, and allow communities to pass laws that help their citizens.

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