Support Overtime Pay

For 75 years, the Fair Labor Standards Act has ensured that hourly employees who work more than 40 hours a week are paid overtime pay. It only makes sense—if workers have to spend more time away from their families and on the job, they deserve to be fairly compensated.

But some in Congress don’t see it that way.

The deceptively named “Working Families Flexibility Act,” recently introduced in Congress, would eliminate overtime pay and instead replace it with “comp time,” which would be allocated days off. This may look nice at first glance, but what it does is encourage employers to force workers to work longer hours, and pay them less for it.

Everyone deserves fair pay for the work they do. This bill would cut wages for millions and just make CEOs and Big Business richer.

This bill is moving fast and your representative needs to hear from you now. We need you to send a message now and make sure he or she does the right thing and opposes this bill.

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